Car Seat as an Outfit – Art Tuesdays

Work by artist Riitta Ikonen on our dependence on cars.

Link to artist’s site


Eyes Drawn on Hilltop Slum – Art Tuesdays

The latest project by street artist JR.  Eyes and portraits of women ( to raise awareness of their status ) covering a favela (slum) in Brazil.

Link to artist’s site

Fountain that looks like a Vortex – Architecture Mondays

Weeee! The way a fountain should twirl …

Link to architect

Bar Code Building – Architecture Mondays

Hmm … wonder what the price tag on the construction was?!

Link to architects

Fashion Thursdays

Recreating Photos and Painting – Photo Tuesdays

Maricarla Boscono recreates an Edward Hopper moment.

Keyboard-Napkin – Design Object Mondays

For those of you who can’t get away from the computer at lunch, you might as well give your keyboard a napkin and eat away!

Link to designer’s site