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Random Fridays – Ice Cream Man Was Fired

Well, the bored ice cream man in China got a bit creative ….and was eventually fired.

Luis says: Let’s stimulate innovation and creativity


Random Fridays – Mime Robot Dance from the 80s

Ahhh….true classic.

Random Fridays – Cheeseburger In a Can


Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ll stick to good ole fashioned burger on a grill rather than in a can.

Link to product page (in German) 

Link to someone who tries it 

Random Fridays – Bill Gates Loves the Apple Mac

Random Fridays – Old Old Dance Party

Oh boy…  a bit before my generation  but still brings back fond memories of school dances with awkward routines that by some very long stretch of the imagination seemed cool at the time 🙂

Random Fridays – Xmas ‘Just Add Water’ Ornaments


Available in Japan, these christmas ornaments arrive in a petri dish and grow up to be full-size ornaments with just a little bit of water.

Link to site

Random Fridays – A Bar Cocktail for £35,000


Talk about an expensive drink!  Called ‘The Flawless’ and on the menu at London nightclub Movida, this cocktail is mixed under the supervision of security guards and includes an 11-carat diamond at the bottom.  If you even care about the ingredients, it includes Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, some brown sugar, angostura bitters and a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf.

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