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Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


If only there wasn’t cheap silver? nail polish…but scophy material.


Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Silly but still classy…in one word, scophy.

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Carefree…but not careless. There is a difference…a scophy difference.

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Stands her ground…but open…not defiantly agressive…on the edge of a smile… knows herself and that makes you want to get to know her…she is scophy after all

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Definitely scophy girl material…subdued elegance…playful attitude…hint of an innocent wild side….doesn’t even try…comes natural….that’s a scophy girl

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Fashion Thursdays – Dress That Changes Colour Depending on Your Mood


Known as the Bubelle Dress and designed by electronics giant Philips, this unique piece of clothing will change colour if certain physical changes that are associated with certain moods are detected (e.g. sweat with stress).

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