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American Flag Endless Repeat – Art Tuesdays


Animated gif artwork by Jasper Johns and Ramsay Sterling

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Car Seat as an Outfit – Art Tuesdays

Work by artist Riitta Ikonen on our dependence on cars.

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Eyes Drawn on Hilltop Slum – Art Tuesdays

The latest project by street artist JR.  Eyes and portraits of women ( to raise awareness of their status ) covering a favela (slum) in Brazil.

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Flowers into Machines Wheatpaste – Art Tuesdays

In a series entitled Nature’s Revenge, Paris-based street artist Ludo imagines a dystopia where flowers have evolved into machines to protect themselves from environmental harm from humans.

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Drawing the Sounds of Street Objects – Art Tuesdays

Artist D. Billy graphically represents the onomatopoeia of street objects in New York City.

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Art Tuesdays – Digital Cloud Installation

Using 4638 flip-dots that can turn from ‘silver’ to black, Troika  presents a digital take on clouds.

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Art Tuesdays – Human Sculpture Made Out of Rocks


Using no chisels or hammers, artist Duncan Elliott spent 3 years assembling rocks which fit perfectly with one another to create a human sculpture.

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