Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


If only there wasn’t cheap silver? nail polish…but scophy material.

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Silly but still classy…in one word, scophy.

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Carefree…but not careless. There is a difference…a scophy difference.

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Stands her ground…but open…not defiantly agressive…on the edge of a smile… knows herself and that makes you want to get to know her…she is scophy after all

Random Fridays – Ice Cream Man Was Fired

Well, the bored ice cream man in China got a bit creative ….and was eventually fired.

Luis says: Let’s stimulate innovation and creativity

Fashion Thursdays – Scophy Girl


Definitely scophy girl material…subdued elegance…playful attitude…hint of an innocent wild side….doesn’t even try…comes natural….that’s a scophy girl

American Flag Endless Repeat – Art Tuesdays


Animated gif artwork by Jasper Johns and Ramsay Sterling

Link to artist

Car Seat as an Outfit – Art Tuesdays

Work by artist Riitta Ikonen on our dependence on cars.

Link to artist’s site

Eyes Drawn on Hilltop Slum – Art Tuesdays

The latest project by street artist JR.  Eyes and portraits of women ( to raise awareness of their status ) covering a favela (slum) in Brazil.

Link to artist’s site

Fountain that looks like a Vortex – Architecture Mondays

Weeee! The way a fountain should twirl …

Link to architect

Bar Code Building – Architecture Mondays

Hmm … wonder what the price tag on the construction was?!

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Fashion Thursdays

Recreating Photos and Painting – Photo Tuesdays

Maricarla Boscono recreates an Edward Hopper moment.

Keyboard-Napkin – Design Object Mondays

For those of you who can’t get away from the computer at lunch, you might as well give your keyboard a napkin and eat away!

Link to designer’s site

Optical Illusion House for Spiritual Retreat – Architectecture Mondays

Designed by Emilio Ambasz in 1975, this genre-defying architectural oeuvre entitled “House for Spiritual Retreat” located in Spain draws inspiration from the Andalusian Moorish heritage of Spain and minimal architecture.  The thin folding walls resemble an open book.  Staircases lead up to a room which provides a panoramic view of the breath-taking landscape on the other side.  The living quarters are actually located underground (providing thermal insulation) and open up to the courtyard.  Simply one of the true architectural wonders of the world.

Link to video report

Flowers into Machines Wheatpaste – Art Tuesdays

In a series entitled Nature’s Revenge, Paris-based street artist Ludo imagines a dystopia where flowers have evolved into machines to protect themselves from environmental harm from humans.

Link to artist’s site

Piano Doorbell – Design Object Mondays

Takes out the discomfort from the situation when you have to ring more than once and don’t want to sound rude – just compose a tune !

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Chair Made out of Radiators – Design Object

The perfect chair for a cold winter night 🙂

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Funny Short of Designers Who Really Are Models – Short Sundays

Firm DK has come up with a hilarious mockumentary presentation. We’ve all come across similar characters. Sadly, the reality of the design world is that the physical looks of the person often play a more important role than the quality of the idea. Prentension often takes the place of any real creativity.

Link to video

Drawing the Sounds of Street Objects – Art Tuesdays

Artist D. Billy graphically represents the onomatopoeia of street objects in New York City.

Link to artist’s site

Skyscraper That Looks Warped Due to Skin Decal – Architecture Mondays



Funny what a simple sticker on a building can do!  This brillant illusion is the Hana Bank Building in Seoul, South Korea.

Random Fridays – Mime Robot Dance from the 80s

Ahhh….true classic.

Tech Thursdays – Live Flight Information


Flightaware gives you live flight information for airborne planes which includes GPS location on a map and altitude among much more (with a US-focus).

Link to site 

Event Wednesdays – Not Just Another Valentine’s


Restaurant dinners are lame. For a genuinely off-beat Valentine’s, head with that special someone to the Pecha Kucha organized by the Japanese Embassy. As per usual for a Pecha Kucha, the presentations will broadly be about architecture and design. Each presenter is limited to 20 slides and 20 seconds for each slide. The presenters will be:

Jonathan Barnbrook – graphic designer; Kenichi Iwasa – filmmaker; Julia Lohmann – designer; Maria Marshall – artist; Claire Merry – Japanesey; Emi Miyashita – artist; Emiko Oki – designer/ceramicist; Sachiko Paris – vision Hairdressers; Christopher Purvis – Japan Society; Fenna Haakma Wagenaar – architect.

Be quick and email to rsvp

Photo Tuesdays – Urban Versus Nature Landscapes




Frederic Gautron uses a bit of photoshop to highlight how some urban environments conflict with natural environments.

Link to photographer’s site 

Art Tuesdays – Digital Cloud Installation

Using 4638 flip-dots that can turn from ‘silver’ to black, Troika  presents a digital take on clouds.

Link to artist project site 

Design Mondays – Duvet Sweater




The Duvet Sweater, by Whang Zhuo, takes the meaning of getting cozy under the blanket to a whole new level.

Link to project page (in French) 

Architecture Mondays – Not Rectangular Windows




The ISSHO architectural design office in Japan has created an apartment building called Fudomae with differently-shaped windows for a change.

Link to project page 

Random Fridays – Cheeseburger In a Can


Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ll stick to good ole fashioned burger on a grill rather than in a can.

Link to product page (in German) 

Link to someone who tries it 

Tech Thursdays – Satellite Images With Better Zoom than Google Earth



It is possible.  And website is offering them.  For now, the service is limited to London.  Compare the resolution on images of the London Eye.  The first one is with and the second one is with Google Earth.  Scary stuff…

Link to site 

Event Wednesdays – Original Music Video Bonanza


Bug is a regular event showcasing some of the most creative and offbeat music videos of the moment.  Come see some of the up and coming film directors of London.

Link to event page 

Photo Tuesdays – Animated Images of People and Places Moving




The animated photographs of Ruchome Obrazki create uncertainty about whether the subject or place is moving leading to a re-examination of that relationship.  The faded nostalgic tones suggesting old photos or memories further reinforce the point.

Link to site (with more photos) 

Art Tuesdays – Human Sculpture Made Out of Rocks


Using no chisels or hammers, artist Duncan Elliott spent 3 years assembling rocks which fit perfectly with one another to create a human sculpture.

Link to article 

Design Mondays – Welcome Mat That Spells Anything You Want


Because sometimes you just don’t feel like ‘home sweet home’ 🙂

Designed by Jeni Rodger.

Link to designer’s site 

Architecture Mondays – Swimming Pool Over Edge of Rooftop


How’s that for swimming into the distance?  This swimming pool, part of a 5-star boutique hotel in Dallas, is located on the 10th floor of a downtown building.

Link to article 

Random Fridays – Bill Gates Loves the Apple Mac

Event Wednesdays – Wacky Architecture Talk at Bartlett School

Today, at 6:30pm at the Bartlett School, Geoff Manaugh will be discussing the quirkier side of architecture… ranging from how artifical reefs form, how urban soundscapes are created, and the creation of offshore utopias among others.  Get ready to be thoroughly entertained

Link to event page 

Photo Tuesdays – Candy that Looks Like Healthy Vegetables




Photographer Joachim Lapotre creates illusions to play with or ambivalent attitudes about taste and health.
Link to site 

Art Tuesdays – Tape With Different Shades To Create Image





Mark Khaisman uses ‘a light easel, applying translucent brown packing tape on clear Plexiglas panels, the layers built up to create degrees of opacity’ with stunning results.

Link to artist site

Design Mondays – Bracelet that Doubles Up as Scissors



Designed by  Thomas Jaillot together with Marco De Michelis, this silver bracelet will stay attached to your wrist and cut things up at will.

Link to design site

Architecture Mondays – Social Housing That Sounds Like Luxury Housing







In none other that Vienna, Alt-Erlaa, a social housing complex built between 1973 and 1985 for 10,000 low-income residents. On top of each of the 27-storey cascading blocks, there is an outdoor swimming pool used regularly by 70% of the residents. Too cold outside? You can use one of the myriad indoor swimming pools. How about a bit sauna? A little trip to the solarium? Some tennis? All that, and a whole lot more facilities are available to the residents. And of course, there is ample greenery to make you forget you are in a city let alone a housing project concrete block.

Link to interview with architect Dr. Harry Gluck

Link to official website for housing complex (in German)

Link to Google satellite map

Random Fridays – Old Old Dance Party

Oh boy…  a bit before my generation  but still brings back fond memories of school dances with awkward routines that by some very long stretch of the imagination seemed cool at the time 🙂

Tech Thursdays – Know Exactly What’s Going On in US Congress


More or less, that is… OpenCongress is a free, open-source, not-for-profit, and non-partisan public resource that tracks every bill and the position of every legislative maker…so at least you know where they stand on the issues that matter to you.

Link to site

Event Wednesdays – Art Show Where Viewers Are Divided Between Ugly and Beautiful


Blurring the lines between fine and performance art, Jasper Joffe is organizing just such a show in order to explore whether this set-up will affect how the pieces (which are incidentally on the theme of beauty) will be received.

Link to gallery (with event details) 

Event Wednesdays – Graphic Design Students’ Showcase


Students from the LCC (London College of Communication) are putting on a show at the Dazed Gallery starting this weekend and running until February 5th.

Link to event page (with details)

Event Wednesdays – Property Makeovers


Amanda Benson and Andy Cohen comment through artwork on the trend for property makeovers at Studio 1.1.

Link to gallery 

Event Wednesdays – ‘Steal This Film’ Copyright Film Premiere

RedPlanet is organizing the London premiere of the copyright documentary ‘Steal This Film’ at the plush Rex Cinema + Bar this Friday January 18th.

Link to movie  site (available for download)

Link to event page 

Photo Tuesdays – Paused Matrix-Like Explosions of Objects



London-based photographer Holger Pooten creates surreal photographs of inanimate objects that have seemingly suddenly blown up suggesting intensity is not always apparent.

Link to photographer site

Art Tuesdays – Interactive Installation Detects Light to Open/Close


Designed by Berlin interactive artists Gunnar Green and Frederic Eyl, Aperture includes dozens of tiny aperture holes that (with a slight delay) open if there is no light and closes if there is. The result is the silhouette of passersby.

Link to artist site

Link to YouTube video

Design Mondays – Solar Street Lamps As Trees



In keeping with the LED theme, these solar street lamps are made to look like trees. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, the lamps are equipped with light detectors to turn on and off at sunset/sunrise. A preliminary test in Vienna turned out to be a success.

Link to article

Link to designer’s site